Don't Get Too Down After Losing Out On A Home. Here Are Some Reasons To Be Optimistic.

You've been house hunting for a while and finally found the perfect home. Unfortunately, you weren't the only one who loved that house. You were outbid. The emotions that come from losing out on a home you really wanted can be unexpectedly heavy. Here are some tips to get past the disappointment so that you can get back out there and find your dream home when you're ready.

Feel Your Feels

While you may not have expected to feel this devastated about your recent loss, the fact can't be denied that you do. There's no shame in how you feel. In fact, it's natural to be inundated by negative emotions when you experience such a disappointment. Let yourself feel whatever emotions come. It's okay to cry, stay in bed for a day or eat a whole tub of your favorite ice cream. If you don't let yourself grieve, you won't be able to move on.

Focus on Yourself

You probably spent a great deal of your spare time house hunting. Perhaps it's time to take a break. Focus on yourself now. What are some things you've missed out on while burying yourself in real estate and searching for homes for sale in Kansas City? Do those things. Maybe take a weekend staycation to get your mind off of things.

Avoid Stalking

The urge to wallow in self-pity and check in on the home that got away may be strong right now. Try to fight the temptation. Don't drive by the house to see it one last time. Take it off of your online favorites list.

Lean on Your People

During this time of sadness, you may find yourself becoming a bit of a hermit. Reach out to trusted friends and family as you ease your way back into the world. Lean on those you care about for support and have some fun. Now may even be the perfect time to make some new friends.

Find the Lesson

Once you're feeling a bit more restored, you can take a look back on your experience to find the lesson in it. Did you bid too conservatively? Maybe next time, you'll take more of a risk. Perhaps you overestimated what you could afford and might do better to look for a smaller home or one in a less ritzy neighborhood. Apply what you learned the next time you're ready to place a bid, and you might find an even better fit.

Put Yourself Out There

When you've worked through your grief and are feeling ready, go ahead and get back out there. Take it at a pace that feels right to you. Perhaps you'll start by gathering listings online. Attending an open house here or there might be what you need to get excited again. Just don't give up.

Give these tips a shot if you're feeling defeated about losing out on a home. When you're ready, you're sure to find just the gem you've been hoping for.

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