7 Mysterious Trunk-or-Treat Ideas That Take Halloween on the Road

Halloween celebrations are getting bigger, and many families are opting to visit larger events that take the place of going door to door. Trunk-or-treating is a fun way to gather with other families in your community while showing off everyone’s creativity. Check out these seven mysterious ideas that will have everyone wanting to stop by your trunk.

Keep the Children Spellbound With a Harry Potter Trunk

Just about every kid loves this book series and movie, and you’ll make their night by setting your trunk up to reflect their favorite theme. You can either dress up as Harry Potter, or you could find a life-size cardboard cutout to stand beside your car. Then, use some basic craft supplies to make goalposts and broomsticks to set up like a game of Quidditch. The kids will get the reference, and you can finish it off by handing out mini balls for treats.

Make a Giant Jack-O-Lantern

This take on a monster mouth just screams Halloween, and it can be set up within seconds. Just cut out a trunk-sized Jack-O-Lantern from cardboard or butcher paper. When you’re ready, throw it up on the trunk and fill the back of your car with candy. To go the extra mile, the kids can even reach through the pumpkin’s mouth to get their treats.

Create a Lost Pirate Ship

Do you still have some beach-themed decorations from summer parties floating around? If so, then this trunk idea will have you seeing them in a new light. Set up a few skeletons with pirate hats on in your trunk. After that, you can use your beach decorations to finish out the theme. Inflatable sharks can be set up with blue balloons to look like water at the base of your car, and a brown towel can look like sand on the bottom of your car’s trunk.

Scare Everyone With a Graveyard

You might not have ever pictured your trunk as being a home for the dead, but this theme is super easy. Grab a few of those foam tombstones that are in the stores this time of year. Then, lay some fake grass on the trunk floor and put these on top. Scatter a few skulls and bones, and your trunk is all set to spook the little ones.

Keep an Eye On It All

Eyeballs floating around are about as mysterious as it gets. Look for glow-in-the-dark eyeballs in different sizes, or make your own by using a black marker on glow ping pong balls. Use string to hang them from the hood of the trunk, and wait for night to come and light it all up.

Have Fun With Creepy Clowns

Carnivals aren’t really spooky until you bring in the scary clowns. Use red and white paper to create an awning along the top and bottom of your trunk, but remember to make it look aged by using brown and black paint along the edges. You can then put the creepiest looking clown dolls that you can find front and center. If you want to go all out with the carnival theme, then dress up like a fortunate teller and offer palm readings to the trick-or-treaters.

Hang a Classic Bedsheet Ghost

You can tap into the traditional hometown feel that you’ll find at most trunk-or-treat events when you celebrate Halloween in Kansas City by using this classic costume as inspiration. Tie a balloon up in a bedsheet to create a head and hang the ghost from one side of the trunk to the other. You can add some orange and black balloons around the bottom of your trunk to fill it in with some color, and don’t forget your big bucket of candy.

One of the best things about trunk-or-treating is that your Halloween decor is completely portable. You can hit several events, or bring your car home and set up for trunk-or-treating from your driveway. You’ll have a blast and enjoy giving the youngest members of your community a thrill this Halloween.

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